BuildingIQ and AMP Technologies Enter Strategic Relationship to Optimize Commercial Real Estate Assets

Cloud-based technology companies team up to reduce operating costs for commercial building owners, managers and REITs

San Francisco – April 19, 2016 – BuildingIQ, a leading energy management software company, today announces a strategic relationship with AMP Technologies, providers of a leading suite of products and services for commercial real estate asset management. Through this new agreement, qualified customers will have the opportunity use both BuildingIQ’s Predictive Energy OptimizationTM (PEO) platform and AMP’s Commercial Real Estate Business Intelligence platform to reduce operational costs and gain a key competitive advantage when managing commercial real estate assets, whether it is an individual property or a large portfolio of buildings.

BuildingIQ’s PEO platform is ideal for lowering energy costs and creating free cash flow with no upfront capital. Offered on a subscription basis, the cloud-based technology is able to predict and make real-time adjustments that lowers the cost of a building’s heating and cooling operations by as much as 25 percent. By closing the loop between gathering data and implementing changes, BuildingIQ ensures that no opportunities for generating energy savings are missed.

AMP Technologies is able to offer a suite of products to address the other vital needs of the commercial real estate industry. The AMP Technologies Platform is a powerful yet highly intuitive interface that allows a user to monitor and manage individual or numerous buildings at a time. Through this cutting-edge enterprise technology, financial health, revenue strength, operational excellence and tenant relationships are all optimized to deliver ultimate performance. Finances, lease details, time mapping and other key data points indicating the health and efficiency of your organization can all be accessed within 30 seconds.

“Our partnership with BuildingIQ will allow us to offer customers a truly 360 degree solution for commercial real estate management,” said Neel Naicker, co-founder and CEO of AMP Technologies. “We are completely focused on driving our Users NOI and maximizing their competitive advantage in the most simple way possible. Our partnership with BuildingIQ takes these capabilities to another level of building management, now energy data can be combined with all the key metrics that drive ultimate performance to produce a full view of the health of your organization in 30 seconds.”

“BuildingIQ’s ability to generate energy savings is the perfect complement to those already streamlining processes through AMP Technologies’ offerings,” said Michael Nark, president and CEO of BuildingIQ. “Those buildings that are not utilizing cloud-based technology to improve energy consumption and operations are using practices that are quickly becoming antiquated. BuildingIQ is essentially a subscription for creating free cash flow through energy savings that pays for itself.”

With both BuildingIQ and AMP Technologies’ solutions in place, users will be able to, generate savings, gain intuitive insights that boost results and drive revenue, ultimately leading to an improved client experience. The BuildingIQ-AMP Technologies business relationship is effective immediately and the two companies expect to begin demonstrating their integrated solution for customers within the next several weeks.

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About AMP Technologies
Headquartered in Mountain View, California, AMP Technologies provides a suite of products and services for commercial real estate asset management. The AMP Technologies Platform is a powerful, yet highly intuitive, platform to monitor and manage individual properties and large portfolios. Its products are built on best-of- breed cloud technology and are designed for the modern enterprise to provide sophisticated business intelligence, collaboration and management tools. With a comprehensive, yet highly intuitive, platform for monitoring and managing individual properties to entire portfolios, AMP provides the key tools needed for every level of management for effective analysis and decision-making. For more information, visit AMP Technologies on the web at

About BuildingIQ
BuildingIQ is a leading provider of advanced energy management software that actively predicts and manages heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) loads in commercial buildings. As the only supplier of patented Predictive Energy Optimization technology, BuildingIQ’s cloud-based solution is powering energy and operational savings in buildings with reductions in HVAC energy costs as high as 25 percent. BuildingIQ delivers measureable results and has received backing from tier one industry leaders, including the Venture Capital unit of Siemens Financial Services, Paladin Capital, Exto Partners and the Energy Division of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). Recognized as a leader in its industry, BuildingIQ has received a number of awards most recently the National iAward for Sustainability in Australia. BuildingIQ is trading on the Australian Securities Exchange under the ASX code BIQ.

SOURCE: BuildingIQ & AMP Technologies