Cold Craft Survives 25 Years: in a World of Tech Celebs to the Mummified

HVACR Firm Cold Craft, Inc. reaches 25 years serving the San Francisco Bay Area.

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Cold Craft, Inc. (CCI) started as most trades with a humble beginning, but eventually was named many times as a top HVAC performer in the Silicon Valley Business Journal and earned 15 consecutive years of Diamond Certified designation.

CCI’s clients range from Museums with mummies needing temperature control, to luxury homes with tens of thousands of square feet requiring a non-disclosure agreement, to residential heating and cooling. CCI installed a family grocery refrigeration remodel that saved $68K/ yr. in energy savings and received a $52K energy rebate. CCI installed geothermal to meet energy and carbon mandated requirements at a Federal military base.

There are more memorable jobs, because CCI’s work affords a view into places where few venture, after all everyone needs temperature control. Confidentiality issues prevents CCI from publishing many stories, but below are some interesting insights into a unique view of what this HVAC R firm has encountered.

CCI won a bid that at least a few of the employees were uneasy about. Employees were ok about winning the jail job, but the refrigeration change out at a county morgue in a working autopsy room caught their attention. Employees couldn’t help but look and wonder about the stories behind the people, from the injuries they surmised that some may be from gang activity, some teens that had been in a fatal car accident but the saddest was an infant.

A story that will stick in the minds of employees was in an unassuming townhouse end unit scheduled for a furnace change out took CCI by surprise. The general contractor explained that the owner, an estranged divorcee with no friends, family or even neighbors that she was in contact with had all her finances on auto deposit and auto pay. One day she did not reply to an IRS letter or two so the IRS contacted her out of state ex-husband. Her ex-husband hired a private investigator (PI) to locate his ex-wife – the PI after several no answers to knocks at the door broke into the home and found himself wading through hip high mail covering the entire front door hallway. Still calling her name he ventured into the home. He found her on the floor of the second floors kitchen. After investigating her death it was discovered that she was there for more than two years. She was mummified because the HVAC’s dry air mummified the body, the neighbors never suspected a thing, because the home was sealed so well.

One last story comes to mind and that was a tune up on a furnace at a large apartment complex that has not been maintained for years. While the technician was struggling to get the filter out of the furnace the renter asked the technician if he saw her gray cat, which he replied that he had not. He struggled with the filter to get it out of the furnace as the woman was calling for her cat. The filter finally came free and the technician wide eyed looked down to see the gray lifeless fur ball that he pulled out of the furnace and he began to panic as he turned and looked at the tenant she said with the cat in her arms, there you are, where were you hiding? The technician was holding a very dirty filter and luckily not a cat stuck in the furnace.

CCI expects to continue serving the San Jose/Silicon Valley area as it had since 1991- 25 years ago as one of the leading HVAC R subcontractors in Northern California. Cold Craft, Inc. offers a diverse portfolio in both commercial and residential specialties including energy saving products, geothermal heating and cooling and grocery store installation, service and maintenance. Call them at 408-374-7292 or visit them at:

SOURCE: Cold Craft