Friedrich Goes Modular in Major Way With Vert-i-pak Solution

Friedrich Vert-I-Pak unit
Friedrich Vert-I-Pak unit

Self-contained, simple, streamlined HVAC system hits commercial modular builders’ hot buttons

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – While modular building and construction have boomed in recent years, the HVAC industry hasn’t always kept step with the needs of commercial modular builders. For sophisticated multi-level modular buildings such as hotels, senior care facilities and multi-family units, traditional HVAC solutions don’t necessarily align with the industry’s demands for efficient, simple and fast.

That’s rapidly changing thanks to Friedrich, a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of air conditioners and other home environment products. Friedrich is putting a major focus on delivering innovative and efficient HVAC solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of modular construction projects.

In particular, Friedrich’s Vert-I-Pak packaged units are increasingly popular with commercial modular builders that require a simple, efficient, self-contained, quiet and streamlined solution. Unlike split systems that involve multiple outdoor condensers, long duct runs and refrigerant lines, or chillers that lead to complicated piping and wiring, Vert-I-Pak provides modular builders with a compact, packaged profile that fits into a closet and can be incorporated into the overall modular manufacturing process. That turns setting the unit into a straightforward process–electrical, drainage and duct connections can be done by a single technician in minutes.

“It’s about as plug and play as you can get,” said TJ Wheeler, Vice President of Marketing & Product Management. “Modular builders love it because it saves a tremendous amount of time, requires minimal labor, is completely out of sight and it reduces call-backs. Residents also love the comfort and convenience it offers because it’s quiet and efficient.”

Vert-I-Pak right at home in high-end modular senior apartment project
High-end modular commercial projects that have turned to Friedrich’s Vert-I-Pak units include Magnolia by the Lake, a 125-unit senior-living modular apartment residence in Kegoo Harbor, Mich. Champion Commercial Structures, the modular builder responsible for the project, incorporates Friedrich’s Vert-I-Pak units right into its own manufacturing process. The units ship in place, saving installation time onsite and since Vert-I-Pak is out of sight, it doesn’t interfere with the beautiful architecture and design of the project.

“For Champion, Friedrich provided the upfront installation assistance and the back-end warranty support that will assure superior interior climate comfort for years to come,” said Steve Snyder of Champion Commercial Structures.

Because modular building and efficiency also go hand-in-hand, the independent metering that Vert-I-Pak allows for is important for multi-tenant applications, eliminating the burden of prorating electric costs for heating and cooling. And unlike central systems, there’s less risk that an entire building becomes uninhabitable if the system needs to be repaired or replaced.

Friedrich Vert-I-Pak units also prove that power can come in a small package. Size varies based on capacity, but units as small as 23 inches wide and deep are available. Larger units, such as 1.5 ton sizes, are a minimum of 32 inches high and 2-ton units are just 47 inches high. AHRI-certified models are available with cooling capacities ranging from a nominal 9,000 BTU to 24,000 BTU. Electric heating is typically included.

“Innovative modular building projects require innovative solutions. Our Vert-I-Pak systems solve many of the challenges commercial modular builders face today while ensuring satisfied, happy tenants tomorrow,” said Wheeler.

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