Indoor Comfort Depends on Humidity as Much as Temperature, Say Experts at Innovative Dehumidifier Systems

OCEAN ISLE BEACH, N.C., June 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — With summer officially underway, Innovative Dehumidifier Systems knows that homeowners and property managers are looking for ways to balance indoor comfort and cooling costs. And with all the focus seemingly on thermostat settings, it’s easy to forget that relative humidity is equally important in creating a healthful and comfortable indoor environment, as well as saving on energy costs.

Humidity levels naturally rise during the summer, as southerly winds transport tropical moisture into the continental U.S. In general, warmer air can contain more moisture, and water evaporates more easily at higher temperatures. For many homeowners, summers are a constant battle to keep humidity in check, especially as people tend to spend at least half their time at home.

Both old and new construction can suffer from humidity issues. In older buildings, drafty windows and doors are just one avenue moisture and pollution has for entering the environment. New construction has the opposite problem. The envelope is so tight and well-made that any moisture is trapped inside. Evaporation from everyday living within the property has nowhere to go and therefore lingers in the air.

Ideally, a home’s humidity should be kept between 40 and 50 percent. High humidity can make occupants feel uncomfortable. Humidity levels much above 50 percent result in a damp feeling — but discomfort is just the beginning of the problems high humidity can cause.

It’s important to note that indoor humidity and outdoor humidity feel different. Whereas a humid day outside will make people sweat and the air feel “heavy,” indoor humidity is subtler. But years of research have shown that a building with high humidity levels can lead to all sorts of problems.

Respiratory issues like a runny nose, coughing and sneezing are common effects of too much moisture inside a home. Other health issues can be made worse by humid air. Therefore, people with chronic health issues affecting the airways are advised to install a dehumidifier and monitor humidity levels. Surprisingly, some studies have also revealed that high humidity can cause or worsen feelings of depression. The most serious health consequences, though, are no doubt a result of the mold and other microorganisms that can flourish in high-moisture environments. Mold can also make a home virtually unlivable and unsellable.

Fortunately, keeping humidity in check is easier than ever. The innovative IW25 in-wall dehumidifier from Innovative Dehumidifier Systems solves moisture issues and reduces energy costs while working independently from the HVAC system. With an average rated power factor of 285 watts and industry best operating sound levels of 47 decibels or less, it’s easy to see why the IW25 was selected as the People’s Choice award recipient for best new product at the 2014 American Institute of Architects National Convention and Exposition.

Property managers can keep all the IW25’s controls behind a tamper-proof cover and even hardwire the unit into a building’s plumbing and electrical systems. The value of a property with these units is enhanced, while the fear of mold and moisture is eliminated.

Innovative Dehumidifier Systems has worked hard to develop a solution that helps people save on energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. In this sense, the IW25 is well ahead of the curve. The Department of Energy has published a new set of energy efficiency standards concerning dehumidifier systems, which go into effect in 2019. The IW25 already meets these lofty standards.

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Innovative Dehumidifier offers its premier product as the only multifamily unit dehumidifier system on the market. Innovative Dehumidifier is an Ocean Isle, North Carolina based company created by Brian Smith and Tom Honeycutt, who developed the IW25 to meet the building industry’s growing demand for an appropriate humidity solution for multifamily spaces. Learn more about Innovative Dehumidifier at or

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