Innovative Noritz Combination Boiler First to Offer Simultaneous Domestic Water and Space Heating

Residential NRCB unit expands Noritz’s line of combination boilers with enhanced heating capabilities, durable 316L copper heat exchangers, and other installer- and user-friendly features

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA – August 24, 2017 – Noritz has expanded its line of combination boilers with the new Noritz Residential Combination Boiler (NRCB), which allows for simultaneous residential domestic hot water and space heating—a first in the industry— and performs at a 95% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency).

Its fuel-saving performance allows the NRCB to meet “Energy Star Most Efficient” standards, which represent the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s highest efficiency rating. This, combined with an Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) certification, qualifies homeowners for various state energy rebates.

Unlike traditional combination boiling systems, which can provide only space heating or hot water at any given time, the NRCB’s simultaneous capabilities are easy to control and especially beneficial for applications that do not store or deliver heat energy efficiently.

“The NRCB’s simultaneous heating capabilities guarantee, in most cases, that someone will be able to take a hot shower without noticing a corresponding drop in space temperature when they get out,” explains Jason Fleming, VP of Sales and Marketing for Noritz.

Another industry first is the NRCB’s use of 316L copper primary and secondary heat exchangers, which have higher corrosion resistance than traditional heat exchangers, resulting in increased durability and a longer lifespan. A third flat plate heat exchanger for domestic water heating is made of stainless steel.

The NRCB is available in two models:

  • The NRCB180DV has a maximum gas input Btuh of 180,000 for hot water and 100,000 Btuh for space heating. Its maximum flow rate is 9.8 gallons per minute (gpm).
  • The NRCB199DV has a maximum gas input Btuh of 199,000 for hot water and 120,000 Btuh for space heating. Its maximum flow rate is 11.1 gpm.

On the space heating side, the NRCB has a temperature range of 80°F to 180°F (27°C to 82°C); on the domestic hot water side, the range is 90°F to 140°F (32°C to 60°C).

With flow rates ranging from 9.8 gpm to 11.1 gpm, the NRCB provides nearly twice as much flow as competitor models. Furthermore, a flow control valve—not offered by competitors—ensures a consistent temperature for domestic hot water demand, regardless of incoming water temperature. This allows for greater domestic hot water flow and more precise temperature stability, translating to a higher level of customer satisfaction.

In addition, the NRCB includes a number of installer- and user-friendly features, such as:

  • Venting versatility: The NRCB will adjust to either PP or CPVC venting without the installer needing to make any programming changes. The venting can also easily be reconfigured to use room air.
  • Recirculation capability: On the domestic hot water side, the NRCB is compatible with a recirculation loop without the need for accessory heat exchangers or controls.
  • Compact construction: At less than 100 pounds, the NRCB is lighter than a traditional boiler, allowing it to save up to 80 percent in space.
  • Built-in auxiliary pump connections: An external pump control allows for a secondary heat loop, in addition to the built-in primary pump.
  • Component design: Each part of the NRCB is assembled as an individual component, simplifying servicing and replacement for technicians.
  • Built-in outdoor temperature reset: The built-in sensor measures outdoor temperatures, allowing the NRCB to constantly operate at maximum efficiency.
  • Wifi capability: The NRCB is compatible with the new Noritz Connect WiFi application, which allows for remote monitoring and adjustment from mobile devices.
  • Ultra-low-NOx Eco-Burner: The fully modulating burner has a nitrogen-oxide emissions level of only 14 parts per million (ppm), far exceeding the South Coast Air Quality Management District requirement of 20 ppm.
  • Premix burner: The premix burner optimizes the air/fuel ratio based on demand for better efficiency with fewer moving parts.
  • Easy wall-mounting: The mounting bracket lines up with the top of the unit, allowing installers to more easily position the NRCB on the wall.

“The first-of-its-kind NRCB will change the way consumers utilize wall-hung combination boilers in North America,” says Fleming. “We’re excited to see how the market reacts to this groundbreaking technology.”

The NRCB will be available for shipment to Noritz distributors beginning in September 2017 and will include a 10-year warranty on heat exchangers, a five-year warranty on parts, and one year on reasonable labor.

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SOURCE: Noritz America