Utilities Technician (HVAC)

Bucknell University

Utilities Technician (HVAC)
Job No: 496902
Position Type: full-time
Location: Lewisburg, PA
Categories: Facilities
This position is responsible for operation, maintenance, inspection, installation and modification of campus heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and associated components. Equipment responsibilities include commercial and residential air handling systems, energy recovery units, fan coils, chillers, refrigerant systems, hydronic systems, exhaust fans, pumps, motors, air compressors, electronic and pneumatic controls and associated equipment protection devices. The immediate supervisor for this position is the HVAC Supervisor.


Job Duties:
1) Troubleshoot and repair heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and associated components. Use diagnostic equipment, line diagrams and campus Building Automation System to identify issues and develop solutions.
2) Perform preventive maintenance tasks on all HVAC equipment including air handlers, fans, chillers, condensing units, air compressors, vacuum pumps, motors and other campus utility system components.
3) Establish preventive maintenance procedures in accordance with Manufacturer’s Equipment Operation and Repair Manuals and contemporary standards of good practice.
4) Maintain preventive maintenance records through site computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).
5) Perform tasks including but not limited to equipment operation check and inspection, belt and filter changes, lubrication, coil cleaning and equipment alignment.
6) Install new and modify existing HVAC equipment to meet design requirements and University standards. Equipment includes but is not limited to fan coils, VAV boxes, exhaust fans, split heat pump and A/C systems, refrigerant and hydronic piping, pumps and associated equipment control devices.
7) Perform testing and balancing on air and water systems to meet design requirements. Operate multi-meters, amp probes, pneumatic test gauges, air velocity meters and other air/water flow balancing equipment.
8) Periodically monitor the Building Automation System (BAS) for system alarms. Identify cause of alarm and resolve.
9) Perform retro-commissioning activities in buildings to ensure building systems are operating at maximum efficiency for energy conservation.
10) Perform installation, repair/maintenance, inspection and modification of mechanical plumbing equipment and fixtures for water, gas, oil, steam, sewage, and fire sprinkler/prevention systems as needed.
11) Provide first response for elevator outages.
12) Provide support for projects including performing utility outages as needed and attending project walks-thrus.
13) Adhere to OSHA standards, employ safe practices and follow safety policies/procedures. Use PPE in a safe manner, set examples for others, notify supervisor of potential hazards, and demonstrate good housekeeping habits.
14) Support and promote the University’s sustainability efforts.
15) Performs other duties as required.
(II) – All of the above, as well as the following:
16) Design, lead and execute small HVAC related projects to meet ASHRAE code and University guidelines. Includes developing scope with drawings and cost estimates, specifying and ordering parts, coordinating/leading contractors, commissioning systems and communicating status to meet timelines.
17) Provide support for large projects including reviewing drawings, specifications and control “sequence of operations” to ensure design meets University guidelines/standards. Additionally, coordinate outages related to projects, perform quality assurance inspections and attend project walks-thrus as required.
18) Maintain spare parts inventory including but not limited to motors, filters, lubrication, coils, valves, bearings, etc. Obtain quotes and generate purchase orders for parts.


Minimum Qualifications:
1. High School Diploma or equivalent with strong math and shop background.
2. a) Level I Technician = two years of commercial/institutional experience in the operation, maintenance, inspection, installation and modification of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and associated components OR two year technical degree from a qualified technical or trade school with emphasis in HVAC.
b) Level II Technician = five years commercial/institutional experience in the operation, maintenance, inspection, installation and modification of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and associated components OR two year technical degree from a qualified technical/trade school with emphasis in HVAC along with 3 years commercial/institutional experience.
3. Thorough working knowledge of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and associated pneumatic, electronic and other programmable logic controls. Working knowledge of electrical systems and water, sewage, oil, gas, steam, condensate and fire sprinkler/prevention systems and associated equipment.
4. Thorough working knowledge of methods, materials, tools and equipment used in the HVAC trade as well as applicable federal, state and local health and safety code requirements.
5. Ability to interpret engineering drawings and specifications to determine layout for mechanical systems.
6. Ability to understand oral and written instructions and procedures. Computer literacy.
7. Ability to work independently and as a team member; take initiative; use good judgment; and communicate effectively.
8. Strong customer-focus and time management skills.
9. A valid driver’s license and the ability to drive University vehicles.


Preferred Qualifications:
1. Two year technical degree from a qualified technical or trade school with emphasis in HVAC or Plumbing.
2. Experience utilizing Building Automation Systems (BAS) or Energy Management Systems (EMS) such as Johnson Control (JCI), Automated Logic (ALC) and Analytika to troubleshoot system issues and optimize energy efficiency.
3. EPA Refrigerant Recovery Certification
4. Knowledge of absorption and screw chillers as well as cooling towers.


Preferred qualifications for a level II Technician include all of the above, plus:
5. Associates Degree in a business related field.
6. Knowledge of University procedures, and experience with integrated databases such as: TMA (work order management), Workday (Human Resources management), and Resource 25 (scheduling).


Other Requirements:
1) This position is classified as part of essential services. Individual is required to report to work even if campus has a delayed opening, early closing, or is closed, unless instructed otherwise by facilities supervisor; or when the individual has concerns related to their personal safety.
2) Ability to work occasional shift work as required.
3) A post offer criminal background and driving record check, drug screening and physical will be conducted.
4) Must communicate closely and effectively with supervisors, peers and various groups and departments throughout the campus to provide reliable building/utility systems and support campus activities and events.
5) Use sound judgment and makes decisions by gathering all relevant information and analyzing it in a logical manner. Seeks advice and assistance from peers and supervisors when needed.
6) Able to work as a valuable team member with other maintenance technicians, contractors and University personnel. Willing to share information and provide assistance at all times. 7)
7) Willing to accept work assignments and follow directions.
8) Work with minimal supervision. Take the lead in identifying, analyzing, and correcting problems and deficiencies, with appropriate input from coworkers and supervisors.
9) This is normally a first shift, weekday position, but may require occasional shift work.


Physical Demands:
1) Lift and carry 75 pounds unassisted.
2) Ability to move around the entire work site including climbing ladders, stairs and scaffolds and entering confined areas and crawl spaces.
3) Must be able to perform work in a safe manner and adhere to department’s safe practice guidelines, including but not limited to trenching, lockout/tagout, and confined spaces.
4) The scope of the position requires exposure to and use of chemicals, solvents, cleaners, and lubricants common to maintenance work that may be hazardous and/or cause injury if specific instructions regarding their mixture, use, and disposal/storage are not properly followed.
5) The person in this position works indoors and outdoors. There is daily exposure to dust, dirt, weather, and temperature changes.


Work Type: