John Guest Rounds Out JG ProLock System with Range of Products for All Applications

FAIRFIELD, NJ – August 16, 2017 – John Guest, who created the JG ProLock system that made Twist-to-Lock the standard in polymer fittings, has now used the same technology to inspire a range of JG ProLock products to assist the modern plumber in specific applications and solution areas.

Saving time was top of mind for John Guest’s design team; of particular note in this area were the JG ProLock CTS end cap and slip connector, which were unveiled this year following JG ProLock’s debut in 2016.

The CTS end cap utilizes JG ProLock’s advanced thermoplastic material to provide maximum integrity when capping a pipeline. Technicians no longer have to consider the risks of stopping multi-day jobs to go home for the evening, nor will they feel pressured to squeeze longer jobs into a single day – and the end cap requires no tools to install or remove.

Similarly the CTS slip connector streamlines the beginning of a job by stopping the damage in a fraction of the time of traditional joining solutions. A natural evolution of JG ProLock’s Twist-to-Lock technology, the slip connector prevents water damage by repairing burst or damaged pipes in a matter of minutes.

“The JG ProLock family of products now gives plumbers everything they need to be resource-efficient in all manner of situations on the job,” said Joe Pierce, VP Sales at John Guest. “Last year we established JG ProLock as the leading polymer fitting, trusted by technicians nationwide. This year we’ve gone even further, moving into specific applications that save time and money for both professionals and homeowners.”

A system of Twist-to-Lock fittings connecting to copper, CPVC or PEX with no adaptations or tools necessary, JG ProLock couplers offer an audible click when twisted into the locked position, assuring technicians that the fitting is secure. The fitting reduces installation times by over 40% over traditional joining solutions.

Free sample couplers are available at, and the company is also appearing at AHR Expo 2018, where over 60,000 professionals gather in Chicago for the world’s largest HVACR convention.

John Guest has been on the cutting edge of the polymer fitting industry for over 50 years. Its polymer fittings and filtration technology are utilized by Ferrari, Ford, Starbucks, and the US Military, among many others. For more information about John Guest, visit For more about ProLock, including a free sample coupler, visit

SOURCE: John Guest, USA