LG AC Systems Meet Energy Efficiency Demands of Architects and Design Professionals

At AIA Expo 2014, LG Highlights Innovative Solutions to Manage Energy Consumption for New Buildings and Retrofit Projects

CHICAGO, June 26, 2014 – LG Electronics’ award-winning commercial air conditioning solutions, making an impressive appearance at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Expo (booth #1833) this week, offer exceptional versatility for architects, whether they are designing new “green buildings” or retrofit projects. LG’s robust 2014 lineup of sustainable commercial and residential air conditioners include the Multi V Water IV, the Multi V IV, Multi V Ceiling Cassettes and more.

The cutting-edge Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology at the heart of the LG commercial air conditioning products on display at the AIA Expo delivers sustainable energy benefits, including minimizing efficiency losses over time, which can result in long-term cost and energy savings for the architect and building owner. LG’s VRF systems also are designed to eliminate the added expense of duct work and distribution fans, resulting in a more efficient building infrastructure and, in turn, a more attractive aesthetic.

VRF solutions have become increasingly sought after for architects due to their ability to be implemented in a variety of settings, such as offices, condos, hotels, retrofits and schools. The low sound levels of VRF systems also make them an attractive option.

“LG offers best-in-class solutions that incorporate advanced technology and modern designs so architects can be heroes to their clients,” said Kevin McNamara, Vice President of Commercial Air Conditioning at LG. “As heating and cooling technologies continue to evolve, customers expect more from HVAC solutions. LG’s solutions on display at this year’s AIA Expo demonstrate that with LG, it’s all possible – with products that deliver on efficiency and quality without sacrificing aesthetics.”

McNamara explained that LG is making it even easier for design professionals to specify and model the impact VRF technologies have on their buildings. Through the company’s leading participation in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Technology Performance Exchange program (https://performance.nrel.gov/), LG is supplying professionals with tools to confidently identify the right applications for VRF and ensure that building systems are designed to achieve maximum efficiency.

Multi V Water IV
The Multi V Water IV has an AHRI certified IEER rating up to 24.2″, allowing consumers to only use the energy needed to cool or heat a specific zone. This VRF water system can tie into existing building condenser water loops and maintains low operating costs while still delivering exceptional personal comfort to tenants.

Water VRF systems save valuable floor space by stacking on top of each other. Its flexible design allows for installation in a closet, offering the convenience of fitting into consumers’ desired spaces. Because the VRF units can be strategically placed in the building closer to the occupied spaces, installation costs can be reduced with shorter piping runs. Both building owners and tenants can also enjoy the advantages of energy efficiency and quietness of a water source system.

Multi V IV
The fourth generation in LG’s popular Multi V series also uses the VRF technology that delivers significant benefits versus traditional ducted HVAC systems. The LG Multi V IV builds on the success of its predecessor, the Multi V III, and offers lower operational costs, minimal or no duct work to install, tenant comfort with individual zoning, and superior efficiency while still maintaining architectural integrity. The Multi V IV is more compact and lightweight than other available HVAC models.

With the LG VRF Multi V IV heat pump and heat recovery system, tenants are able to heat or cool only the areas that need it. Additionally, the energy-efficient system with AHRI certified IEER rating of up to 32.0″ allows for a wider heating and cooling operating range than previous generations. The new compressor design and optimized heat exchanger contribute to enhanced efficiency that help building designers achieve as many as 16 LEED points, and contribute to enhanced AHRI certified efficiency of up to 28.2″ IEER.

Multi V Ceiling Cassettes
LG’s multi-zone ceiling units can fit effortlessly into concealed spaces, easily mounted above a finished ceiling with as little as 8 inches of vertical space. Their low sounds levels that reach as low as 26 dB(A) help deliver an enhanced experience for building tenants and provide a quiet work and living environment. In addition to the Four-Way cassette units, LG is showcasing the Multi V Ceiling Concealed Ducted low static and high static units, which can be concealed above ceilings for better aesthetics.

High Design Art Cool Solutions
The new Multi F versions of the unique Art Cool Gallery duct-free system, which was previously only available for a single zone, provides an alternative to both central HVAC and window-mounted air conditioners.

The new system allows heating and cooling for as many as eight separate zones with up to 54,000 Btu/h systems capacity while maintaining low noise levels and superior energy efficiency with ARHI certified SEER rating of up to 18.4″, all with an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Users can personalize the indoor unit with their own artwork and photography by inserting a 20-by 20-inch graphic of their choice. Additionally, the Art Cool Gallery, Mirror and Premier are mounted on walls, allowing the ceilings to be exposed for additional decorating space.

LG’s sleek Art Cool Premier and Art Cool Mirror units are also on display at AIA, showcasing additional innovative designs that are also easy to install. The Art Cool Premier maintains increased energy efficiency, with an astounding SEER of up to 28 for the 9,000 Btu/h model and up to 26 for the 12,000 Btu/h model. The Art Cool Mirror has a chic mirror finish and ultra quiet operation for the indoor unit, which are available in capacities of 9,000 and 22,000 Btu/h.

For more information on LG products featured at AIA 2014, visit LG Electronics booth #1833. Additional details on LG’s Commercial Air Conditioning solutions can be found at http://www.lghvac.com/.

SOURCE: LG Electronics