LG Electronics Expands HVAC Solutions With New Multi-Zone Systems

New Multi F Line Includes ‘Art Cool Gallery’ Option for the First Time

ALPHARETTA, Ga., Jan. 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Providing a smart alternative to both central HVAC and window-mounted air conditioners, LG Electronics has introduced new multi-zone versions of the unique “Art Cool Gallery” duct-free system and added High Static Duct and Vertical Air Handler systems to the Multi F product line.

Previously only available for a single zone system, LG’s popular Art Cool Gallery indoor unit has now been combined with LG’s multi-zone duct-free split heat pump system, allowing heating and cooling for up to eight separate zones with up to 54,000 Btu/h system capacity. All LG Multi F wall-mounted Art Cool Gallery, Art Cool Mirror and Standard units now have an Internal Condensate Sensor Connection for secondary condensate overflow protection.

The new LG Art Cool Gallery Multi F systems (Models LMAN097HVP and LMAN127HVP) allow customers to personalize the indoor unit with their own artwork or photography. Art Cool Gallery makes the air conditioning unit a part of your decor while combining it with LG’s energy-efficient inverter technology. These indoor units, combined with small footprint outdoor units, provide both physical comfort and a stylish aesthetic.
“Our Art Cool Gallery indoor unit has been extremely popular as a single-zone system, and we are pleased to offer our customers expanded options by combining it with our multi-zone heating and cooling systems,” said Kevin McNamara, vice president, Commercial Air Conditioning, LG Electronics USA.

The Art Cool Gallery epitomizes LG’s commitment to design, as it offers consumers the opportunity to make the indoor unit a focal point, not something that you need to decorate around. By combining increased capacity, design flexibility and energy efficiency with lower installation and lifecycle costs, our newest Multi F systems provide a compelling value proposition to building designers, renovators, owners and managers,” he said.

The Art Cool Gallery is available in both 9,000 and 11,200 BTU class and offers invaluable features, including:

· Inverter variable speed fan,

· Self-cleaning coils for easier maintenance,

· Auto operation and auto restart operation,

· Chaos Wind to electronically control fan speeds and create a more natural air flow, and

· Jet Cool and Jet Heat to more quickly cool and heat a room

Multi F Ceiling-Concealed Duct (High Static) Indoor Units
New LG high-static indoor units (Models LMAN097HVP and LMAN127HVP) are designed to deliver an extensive amount of concealed comfort. These remarkable air conditioning systems are designed for high-speed air volume against an external static pressure of up to .78″WG, and can be mounted fully masked above a finished ceiling.
The product offers a number of choices including the configuration of the inverter heat pump and the settings of the cooling and heating modes. Each unit also comes equipped with its own LG-supplied wired controller and drain pump.

Multi F Vertical Air Handling Units LG’s Multi F vertical air handling units (Models LMAN097HVP and LMAN127HVP) also are designed for swift air volume that can be easily concealed behind a wall or finished ceiling. They maintain the unique ability to operate in a vertical (upflow) or horizontal (left) discharge configuration.

These units feature a high-gloss baked enamel finish, come equipped with its own LG-supplied wired controller and can accept an internal LG electric strip heater. To maximize the user’s comfort, a variety of settings are available in the cooling and heating mode.

Other Multi F systems include the Multi F Art Cool Mirror Indoor Units (LMAN097-127-187HVT), the Multi F Standard Wall-Mounted Indoor Units (LMN097-127-187HVT), Multi F Cassette Indoor Unity (LMCN125-185HV), and the Multi F Low Static Duct Indoor Unit (LMDN095-125-185HV). Both units are designed to securely mount on a vertical surface using an extended black plate, embracing a modern design and a clean look.

More information on LG Art Cool Gallery, High Static Duct, Vertical Air Handling Units, VRF technology and other LG commercial air conditioning solutions can be found at www.lghvac.com.
Designs features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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