LG Electronics Showcases HVAC Advancements In Technology And Efficiency At AHR Expo 2014

Enhanced Performance, Efficiency and Design Set LG Systems Apart from Competition for Commercial and Residential Markets

NEW YORK, Jan. 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — LG Electronics, a worldwide award-winning HVAC solutions provider, is introducing a host of commercial air conditioning solutions for 2014 that address a range of market demands and support the company’s aggressive expansion goals for its commercial and residential HVAC business in the United States.

Headliners at AHR Expo, “the world’s largest HVAC marketplace” at New York’s Javits Center this week include:
· Multi V IV, the new generation of LG’s flagship Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) commercial air conditioning system;

· Multi V Space II, a compact VRF model designed to maximize floor space in small spaces;

· Multi-F Art Cool™ Gallery multi-zone systems, which make the air conditioning unit a part of the decor while combining it with LG’s energy-efficient inverter technology; and

· LG’s brand new Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS), which provides a dehumidification and conditioning of outdoor air using energy saving VRF technology.

“As more consumers are exposed to the benefits of VRF and Duct-Free systems over traditional heating and cooling products, they are increasingly adopting these solutions to take advantage of cost savings, energy-efficiency and better performance,” said Kevin McNamara, vice president, Commercial Air Conditioning, LG Electronics USA. “With LG, it’s all possible. As we continue to innovate with next-generation products such as the Multi V IV line and multi-zone Art Cool Gallery, LG is poised to continue growth in the years to come.”

With a theme of “Technology You Never Thought Possible,” LG’s 2014 AHR Expo booth features interactive displays and videos that demonstrate key LG advantages including technology, channel programs and market support. LG product development experts, engineers and training specialists will all be on hand to explain VRF technology, and to discuss new air cleaning technologies, high-rise solutions and LG’s complete range of home comfort solutions for 2014.

New MULTI V IV Series
AHR Expo marks the nationwide rollout of the fourth generation in LG’s popular Multi V series that uses industry-leading VRF technology to deliver significant benefits versus traditional ducted HVAC systems, enabling improved energy efficiency by allowing occupants to choose whether to cool or heat only the zones in use. The LG Multi V IV builds on the success of its predecessor, the Multi V III, as LG’s flagship commercial HVAC system in the United States, where demand for high-performance, energy-saving HVAC technology continues to grow.

“The LG Multi V IV system addresses the need for a heating and cooling solution that is energy efficient, lightweight, and allows for better control of temperature in multiple zones,” said McNamara. “These systems are available in a wide range of styles to fit any interior design aesthetic, and more importantly, are quieter than traditional units, which perfectly marries technology and convenience, proving that with LG it’s all possible.”

Indoor and Outdoor VRF Solutions
In addition to the newest Multi V line, LG’s 2014 product line includes a number of innovative VRF products designed for optimum energy efficiency. The Multi V Water Mini features an Inverter compressor with superior load matching, temperature and dehumidification control for individual comfort zones and improved energy efficiency in a compact design that is well suited to urban setting where space is a premium.

The Multi V Space II is a VRF heat pump system that is a single phase 4.4 ton outdoor unit which can be linked to up to 9 indoor units using a single refrigerant piping system, and can operate in either heating or cooling mode. The Multi V Space II is designed to maximize floor space in small spaces and can be placed in a utility closet, eliminating the need for a dedicated roof or outdoor space, making it an ideal solution for high-rise multi-family buildings.

Higher Efficiency Duct-Free Solutions
Providing a smart alternative to both central HVAC and window-mounted air conditioners, LG has just introduced new multi-zone versions of the unique Art Cool Gallery duct-free system. Previously only available for a single zone, LG’s popular Art Cool Gallery indoor unit has now been combined with LG’s multi-zone duct-free split heat pump system, allowing heating and cooling for up to eight separate zones with up to 54,000 Btu/h system capacity.

The new LG Art Cool Gallery Multi F systems allow customers to personalize the indoor unit with their own artwork or photography. Art Cool Gallery makes the air conditioning unit a part of your decor while combining it with LG’s energy-efficient inverter technology. These indoor units, combined with small footprint outdoor units, provide both physical comfort and a stylish aesthetic.

The Multi F product line also has been expanded to include High Static Duct and Vertical Air Handler systems.

Enhanced Air Quality and Comfort
New for 2014 is LG’s dedicated outdoor air system that provides dehumidification of outside air using efficient energy-saving VRF technology. This unit is designed to deliver flexibility to meet the local design conditions. Additionally, three different airflow rates of 2000, 16000 and 1200 CFM are available. The LG DOAS also retains external static pressure of up to 1.65″ and offers long lasting comfort with a fan that stays on during the defrost cycle.

The versatile LG DOAS unit can be used in various settings, such as healthcare, retail, banking, hotels and residential, making it an ideal option for a variety of building needs. Its low profile allows for seamless installation above ceilings, and web accessible controls deliver unrivaled convenience and comfort.

Illustrating the growing demand for smarter, more efficient HVAC controls and remote applications, LG solutions on display at AHR Expo also include new control solutions that enable broader temperature control and energy monitoring capabilities as well as mobile technology applications to allow for fast and efficient remote system control.

LG’s new thermostat (model PREMTB10U) is designed to meet the ASHRAE 90.1 standard, with two set-points for ambient indoor temperature, unoccupied override features and a wide set-point range to ensure more accurate temperature control. Another control solution, LG’s new AC Smart Premium thermostat, features a user-friendly interface with 10.2-inch screen, visual navigation for floor plan and device location, and energy report functionality to track statistical data related to operational hours and power consumption.

Rounding out the company’s 2014 comfort solutions portfolio is an effective new fresh air solution, the LG ERV, designed for use with VRF systems and featuring a high-efficiency heat exchanger that uses only fan energy to condition outside air. Available in four sizes, the LG ERV tempers outside air and reduces humidity with minimal impact on energy consumption.

For more information on LG products featured at AHR Expo or for a schedule of LG’s AHR Expo education sessions, visit LG Electronics booth 7923. Information on the complete portfolio of LG’s Commercial Air Conditioning solutions can be found at www.lg.com.

Designs, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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