Locqus Launches En Route Notifications, Enabling Businesses to Update Real-Time ETA for Customers

No more missed appointments: Businesses with a mobile workforce – like electricians, plumbers, landscapers and even food delivery providers – can keep customers updated, easing concerns about unpredictable timing

DETROIT, MI — March 11, 2014 – Ever wish you could more easily keep your customers informed of delays or updates for deliveries, repairs, and other scheduled appointments? Now, there’s an app for that.

Locqus, a free service that helps businesses manage sales, jobs, billing, and employees in the field, now enables companies to automatically share real-time updates to scheduled appointments while in transit to a job. Locqus is the first company to offer En Route Notifications as a free service. Now, businesses can automatically send customers an e-mail or text message of a map, identification photo, and estimated arrival time of service workers prior to scheduled appointments. The map and arrival time update approximately every five minutes. Once the appointment is completed, the customer will no longer have access to the driver’s location.

“Customers get frustrated when there are delays to their scheduled appointment, or when they’re not sure what time a provider will arrive during a vast time window,” said Sandy Kronenberg, co-founder of Locqus. “We’ve provided companies with the ability to more easily update customers. It’s providing a seamless service experience for free. Most businesses would have to shell out thousands of dollars for this type of experience; we’re opening up the marketplace by giving small businesses a competitive edge against their larger counterparts – here in Detroit and around the country.”

“Businesses know just how valuable their customers’ time is, and the best companies are always looking for ways to enhance their customer service,” said Paul Proctor, co-founder of Locqus. “Now, customers will never have to wait again wondering when the plumber, electrician, or cable guy will be arriving. The real-time updates are crucial for customers trying to plan their schedules around a service job, but it’s just one component of the suite of capabilities businesses can leverage through Locqus.”

The platform also enables companies to:

· Accept credit card payments on-the-go with Locqus’ credit card reader

· Generate quotes and digital invoices for clients

· Keep dispatchers in the loop with electronic time clocks

· Schedule jobs directly within Google Calendar

· Manage employees and notifying clients with geolocation and geofencing

Founded in Detroit, Locqus provides small businesses with a big company experience through streamlined, easy-to-use tracking and management services. The platform, which takes mere minutes to install, lets small businesses compete with bigger, more established companies within their respective fields. By providing a free resource for businesses, Locqus is helping local Detroit companies, and small businesses around the country, thrive.

Locqus is available on the Web and mobile devices. For more information, please visit www.locqus.com or download the Android or iOS app.

About Locqus
Locqus is a free service that helps small and mid-sized businesses with a mobile workforce manage sales, jobs, billing and accounting, and employees. Many businesses turn to numerous platforms for their needs, ranging from accounting to payments to tracking and managing tasks. Locqus offers a one-stop, streamlined solution encompassing all of these services in one platform. With its comprehensive suite of capabilities all in one app, Locqus is modernizing the mobile workforce for field management professionals in industries such as contracting, plumbing, pest control, HVAC, landscaping and more. For more information, visit www.locqus.com.

SOURCE: Locqus