Midwest Tool Introduces Portable Work Surface (PWS)

Fully Portable, Fully Powered, Limitless Project Possibilities

STURGIS, MI – November 10, 2017 – Midwest Tool has introduced the Portable Work Surface (PWS) that can be easily transported and set up in any workspace.

The PWS has two height positions that enable it to be used as scaffolding in the lower position (21.6 inches) and as a worktable in the upper position (31.25 inches). The PWS has a built-in power strip with a three-port electrical outlet and weighs just 30 pounds. The adjustability minimizes the strain of working on flimsy makeshift tables or constantly kneeling on the ground, and its reversible work surface gives it a wide range of applications.

Four snaps on the edge of the PWS allows a person to switch out the work surface based on the specific needs of the job. When used in the scaffolding position, the blue work surface offers traction and a safe surface to stand on. When used as a work bench or table, simply undo the snaps and reverse for a durable, wood work surface with handy measurements. The work surface area is 33.5 inches by 18.6 inches, providing ample workspace while still being a convenient size for storage.

The PWS is ideal for using in HVAC, industrial and building projects including roofing, siding and drywall. However, its customizable engineering and ease of use make it a quality tool that can be used in any professional job.

Midwest Tool and Cutlery Company began manufacturing metal cutting snips and related hand tools in Sturgis, Michigan, in 1945. Today, Midwest Tool is a privately-held Michigan corporation that operates manufacturing facilities in Sturgis and Kalkaska, Michigan, as well as Caledonia, Ohio.

For more information about the Midwest Tool PWS, go to www.midwestsnips.com/worksurface.

SOURCE: Midwest Tool