Pittsburgh Corning Introduces New Addition to PITTWRAP® Jacketing Line

Pittsburgh, PA – April 7, 2016 – Pittsburgh Corning announces a new addition to its line of PITTWRAP® jacketing products that assures a high level of protection for above-ground indoor insulation systems.

New PITTWRAP® CF jacketing is a cellulose-free fiberglass reinforced vapor retarder insulation jacketing that resists and protects against punctures and tears.

It is recommended for use in protecting above-ground indoor FOAMGLAS® insulation systems on chilled water and other moderate temperature service pipelines.

“This new product allows more of our customers to take the recommended FOAMGLAS® total system approach when making insulation decisions,” Brandon Stambaugh, Director of Product Management, said. “All of our accessory products, including the new PITTWRAP® CF jacketing, are designed and tested to ensure high-quality, long-lasting insulation systems.”

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SOURCE: Pittsburgh Corning