Rotobrush International®, LLC and AirAdvice® Inc. Announce Industry Partnership

HVAC Industry Leaders Providing Contractors with Residential Lead Generation Opportunities

(Grapevine, Texas – March 1, 2012) Rotobrush International®, LLC, a leading HVAC industry manufacturer of air duct cleaning equipment, supplies, indoor air quality and energy efficiency services and video inspection systems, announces its partnership today with AirAdvice® Inc., the leading HVAC industry provider of indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring devices.

“This partnership is a natural fit as both Rotobrush and AirAdvice are dedicated to helping contractors offer quality IAQ solutions to consumers,” said Lane Jeffryes, CEO and President of Rotobrush®International, LLC. “Research shows that the majority of homeowners will purchase a service once provided with a professional analysis of the problem and a recommended solution. By collaborating with AirAdvice to offer its unique HomeAdvice™ product, we can now offer contractors a complete solution for residential IAQ problem identification and solving. It’s these types of value-added services that make the difference to a homeowner when considering which contractor to hire.”

Once a contractor places the HomeAdvice™ monitor in a home, it continually measures and transmits data concerning six areas of air quality (temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, particulates and volatile organic compounds such as chemicals and odors) to the AirAdvice data center. Contractors log into the company’s website to generate a comprehensive report from the data. The report diagnoses IAQ issues and provides solutions. The contractor can then share the report and solutions with homeowners as part of their IAQ services.

“We always stress that it’s the goal of HVAC contractors to provide a safe and comfortable environment in their customers’ homes,” said Don Aultman, VP of AirAdvice. “More than 90 percent of all homes have at least one indoor air quality problem, primarily particulates which they can’t see or smell. Nine times out of ten, homeowners want to solve these problems once they are educated. With HomeAdvice™, contractors can ‘make the invisible visible’ and show homeowners not only what the problem is, but also how to fix it. HomeAdvice™ allows contractors to become a total solutions provider, a step they need to take in this challenging market.”

Rotobrush clients can now receive the HomeAdvice™ monitor when purchasing Rotobrush packages. Special financing is available for all products. Rotobrush and AirAdvice also offer training on all product offerings through RotoMasters and the AirAdvice training modules. For more information, call 1-800-535-3878 or visit or


Rotobrush® International, LLC, based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, is a market leader in providing contractors and businesses with turnkey packages and unique opportunities in integrated indoor air quality and energy efficiency services and products. Rotobrush is committed to its customers’ success, supporting them with world-class training and marketing and business support. Rotobrush has more than two decades of experience and serves both residential and commercial markets, domestically and internationally. For more information visit 


AirAdvice®, Inc., headquartered in Portland, Oregon, was founded in 1999 to help people improve their quality of life by taking charge of their indoor environment. AirAdvice develops innovative technologies to monitor and analyze indoor environment factors that impact occupant comfort, health and safety. The company’s HomeAdvice™ system enables contractors to identify and solve indoor environmental quality issues. More than 1,500 contractors and 30 distribution companies across North America use the HomeAdvice™ system. For more information, visit