Sustainable Cooling Takes Center Stage in New White Paper from Jaga

Efficient and environmentally-friendly hydronic solutions help occupants keep their cool

ONTARIO – Jaga Climate Systems, a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions, today released its latest white paper, “Your Guide to Sustainable Cooling.” The free white paper highlights the evolution of air conditioning, the need for more efficient units in today’s new construction and retrofit projects, and success stories featuring hydronic cooling solutions.

“More people in North America are becoming dependent on air conditioning systems than ever before,” said Chris Heerius, Jaga North America. “Although occupant comfort is a priority, it’s also important to select efficient solutions that will reduce strain on a building’s energy use and the environment. Hydronic cooling solutions will meet the needs of developers, engineers, architects and occupants, because they’re effective, space saving, quiet and reduce costs over the long term.”

Understanding how forced air and radiant cooling systems, heat pumps and hydronic solutions function will ensure proper selection. Region, occupancy levels, the number of windows and placement within a space all affect how a cooling system will operate. Developers, engineers and architects also need to consider responsiveness, cost and environmental impact.

Jaga’s hydronic cooling solutions, including the Clima Canal Hybrid and Briza, offer design flexibility and improved responsiveness to temperature fluctuations. The compact units can be installed against walls and ceilings, or recessed into these spaces and within floors. Jaga’s space-saving solutions have the potential to allow developers to add extra floors within the same vertical footprint, increasing revenue from additional tenants.

“Whether you’re selecting a solution for a commercial high rise in the Pacific Northwest or a residential building in New York, Jaga has a hydronic solution that will fit seamlessly into the design,” added Heerius.

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About Jaga Climate Systems
Headquartered in Waterloo, Canada, Jaga Climate Systems is the North American division of Jaga International. Founded in 1962, Jaga International is one of the world’s leading specialists in the manufacture of award-winning, energy-saving heating solutions. Each year, Jaga produces more than one million feet of wall-mounted and trench heating featuring its unique Low-H2O technology. Active in more than 40 countries, Jaga has been part of some of the world’s most acclaimed building projects.

SOURCE: Jaga Climate Systems