Trane Introduces New Wellsphere Digital Indoor Environmental Quality Management Solutions for Smarter, Healthier Spaces

Indoor air quality dashboard with real-time data and insights helps building owners monitor, manage and improve the health and efficiency of indoor spaces

Davidson, NC, December 20, 2021 – Trane – by Trane Technologies (NYSE: TT), a global climate innovator – is introducing new digital indoor environmental quality (IEQ) management solutions that provide building owners and facility managers with actionable insights for healthier and more efficient indoor spaces and occupant peace of mind.

Indoor environmental quality remains a primary concern as people return to offices, restaurants, shopping, and travel and entertainment. Building managers are increasingly looking for solutions that help them continuously monitor and verify the status of their indoor spaces in order to maintain healthy environments.

As an extension to WellsphereTM, Trane’s holistic approach to creating healthier buildings, the new offerings bring together Trane’s exclusive Indoor Air Quality Assessment services, remote monitoring services, and integrated controls and sensors to diagnose building performance issues; prescribe optimal air quality and efficiency solutions; and automatically adjust HVAC systems based on real-time air quality indicators.

Trane, a leader in creating digitally connected buildings through high-performance building controls, is enabling customers to use data and intelligent analytics to make safe and comfortable spaces for occupants. Building managers can maintain optimal indoor environmental quality parameters tied to air quality and thermal comfort without compromising building efficiency and sustainability goals.

“Trane has been bringing deep expertise and leading technologies in building HVAC performance, sustainability and indoor environmental quality for decades,” said Donny Simmons, president, Commercial HVAC Americas, Trane Technologies. “We’re pleased to combine our unmatched building insights and data with new capabilities that keep building managers more informed and in control of their air quality and energy efficiency.”

Air Quality Insights, Automation and Optimization
The integrated solutions work seamlessly with smart sensing technologies such as Awair Omni indoor air quality monitoring devices that measure airborne contaminants including particulate matter, volatile organic compounds and carbon dioxide that can impact wellbeing, comfort and productivity. The data-driven insights also support smarter energy usage and air quality monitoring requirements for building certifications, including WELL, LEED, RESET and Fitwel.

Trane’s new Indoor Air Quality dashboard then brings the data to life, enabling building managers to monitor, manage and share more information about the indoor air quality within the building. Simple occupant-facing air quality and building performance data brings added peace of mind for people inside the building.

Effectively managing indoor environmental quality goes beyond information; building managers also need data-driven solutions. At pilot locations, Trane has demonstrated that air quality and other building conditions can change rapidly, requiring environment-specific solutions. Trane analysis services, based on third-party laboratory tests of various mitigation technologies, offer improvement strategies based on data and optimized for specific indoor environmental conditions.

Trane offers a full range of expertise and innovative IEQ solutions that assess the holistic needs of indoor spaces, mitigate specific issues, and manage ongoing effectiveness and efficiency through digital monitoring and integrated controls.

To learn more about Trane’s holistic approach to building wellness, visit or explore the Trane Technologies’ Center for Healthy & Efficient Spaces (CHES), which convenes leading experts to advance IEQ policy, strategies and solutions for a more sustainable world.

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